LONDON – Reuters informs that the two scientists whose analysis of leaked anti-doping data from the IAAF's database has thrown athletics into crisis, defended their findings on Wednesday after their claims were questioned by the IAAF. 

Australian blood experts Michael Ashenden and Robin Parisotto interpreted data from 12,000 blood tests, involving 5,000 athhletes, from 2001-2012, which was obtained by British paper the Sunday Times and German broadcaster ARD.

In response, the statement from the scientists said: "We note the IAAF's confirmation that the database is 'not a secret or hidden document in any way' and that the IAAF welcomes the opportunity to present to the Independent Commission.

"We therefore call on the IAAF to give a public undertaking that it will immediately share the entire database with (former WADA chief) Dick Pound's independent review."


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