Some anti-doping programme related statistics from the IAAF in relations to the to the allegations made by ARD and the Sunday Times on doping in athletics.

The World governing body for athletics has conducted more than 19,000 blood screening tests since 2001, which is the most comprehensive and universal blood testing programme implemented among sports federations and national anti-doping agencies, including 8000 tests in the period 2001 and 2009.

The IAAF followed up vigorously and consistently on all blood screening results considered as atypical by its experts in accordance with the procedures and protocols then applicable. In particular more than 8800 urine EPO tests were conducted in-competition and out-of-competition in that period, notably as a follow-up to atypical blood test results. 

141 athletes tested positive for EPO since the first case at the IAAF World Championships in Edmonton in 2001. Since 2009, the IAAF has collected more than 11,000 blood samples for ABP purposes on more than 5000 athletes across all disciplines of athletics, male and female elite athletes and junior and senior athletes and collected more than 7400 urine EPO tests in the same period. 


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