With under a week to go until the IAAF Presidential election [19 August], the Hellenic Athletics Federation [SEGAS] and 14 Member Federations [MFs] from the North American, Central America and Caribbean Athletics Association [NACAC] have added their support to Seb Coe in his campaign to become IAAF President. This declaration of support from NACAC MFs follows meetings and dialogue with Seb Coe in Costa Rica at the recent NACAC Senior Championships. 

Seb Coe said:

“I am extremely humbled as well as encouraged that so many Member Federations have come out and expressed their support for my candidacy ahead of next week’s election.  It means so much to have their support and public backing at this time and I am looking forward to meeting and talking with many more Federations as they arrive in Beijing ahead of our Congress."      

Kostas Panagopoulos, President of SEGAS, in a letter to Seb Coe expressing his support said:

“I strongly feel that this is a major turning point and a crucial milestone for our beloved sport.  I once more wish you all the best, not only for your personal aspirations, but also for the good of all of us and Athletics.”

The 14 NACAC MFs that have pledged their support to Seb Coe are:

·         Puerto Rico‎

·         Bermuda

·         Barbados

·         Antigua and Barbuda‎

·         Bahamas

·         St Vincent and Grenadines

·         Grenada

·         Trinidad and Tobago

·         US Virgin Islands

·         British Virgin Islands

·         Turks and Caicos

·         Cayman Islands

·         Canada

·         Jamaica


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