University of Technology (UTech) Student Adolphus Nevers is the first in our 2015-featured series, Tuesday Talk. In this feature, Tuesday Talk, TrackAlerts.Com Your leading Caribbean track and field news source, will get a little beyond the athletes’ performances on the track.

Nevers, 24, a former St. Jago athlete, in 2011 won the Inter-Col 200m title and the Championship of America 100m title at the Penn Relays in 2014.

He has personal best times of 10.24secs in the 100m and 20.57 in the 200m.

Nevers have also represented Jamaica at the Junior Pam American Championships 2009 and now, says his “ultimate goal in tracks is to obtain a shoe contract and of course be competitive enough to represent my country at the highest level”. 

What are your three favorite things about being an athlete?

My three favorite things about being an athlete is the great feeling I get when I am fit, the fame that comes with it and the money that can be made from being a good athlete.

 Describe your most prefect race to date, why and at what level?

I would say my most perfect race was when I ran a 200m in Slovenia, I didn’t win but I came pretty close to my PR and considering the form that I was in, I was pretty surprised that I ran that fast because I ran with an injury but I executed the race like I did in practice and I think that's why I ran that fast.

Adolphus Nevers1



Do you do anything special during training to stay relaxed?

Training here at MVP is like being in a jungle because everyone wants to win. So, I have to train myself to focus on my races and relax because some athletes will say and do things to distract you and throw you off your game.

Describe your perfect non-training day.

A perfect non-training day for me involves lots of food sleep and movies on my laptop.

What is your favorite competition venue?

I don’t have a favorite competition venue but I rather compete overseas than to perform here in Jamaica.

Where is your favorite place to relax and why?

My favorite place to relax is in my bed; I can be alone with my thoughts.

What is your favorite stress reliever and why?

Sex is the best stress reliever for me. The reason being is that it gives my body a refresh feeling after I am finished.

What is your favorite book?

My favorite books are the Hardy Boys’ adventures.

If you could pick an athlete to relax with, who would and please give the reason?

I would relax and chill with Kalese Spencer, Christine Day or Sherone Simpson any day because I have had the pleasure of being around them before and I know they are down to earth and easy to get along with.

Do you have a favorite video game?

I like all types of car games I can't really play anything else.

What is your favorite type of music to chill to?

I am a fan of all genres of music so I usually make my own mixes and chill out and listen the ones I like.

What is your favorite movie?

I love all the CSI series.

What is the best piece of coaching advice you’ve ever received?

The best coaching advice I got so far came from coach Francis, he told me relax and try to repeat what do in training when I am competing and I will run well. I am still trying to get it right.

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