Carey Brown, the executive director of the Jamaica Anti-doping Commission (JDCO), will conduct a special presentation at the launch of the 37th MILO Western Relays on the new WADA code which came into effect on January one this year.

Over one hundred coaches and athletes from across the island but mainly from the Western Region will attend the launch at the Wexford Hotel next Wednesday (Jan 29) in Montego Bay.

The organizers of MILO Western Relays as well as JADCO responded to the request of the coaches in the region for first hand information about the new code in order to help them to better understand it and to be in a position to guide their athletes accordingly.

When JADCO was approached last year to be at the launch to make the presentation they responded positively and everyone is now looking forward to Brown's presentation.

The organizers feel that the student athletes will also benefit from JADCO's presentation as it will give them the opportunity to ask questions and get answers from the governing body for anti-doping issues in Jamaica.


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