Kingston, Jamaica – With the training clock fast counting down, runners and race enthusiasts across the island are ensuring they are fit and ready for the marquee running event of the year, the Reggae Marathon and Half Marathon & 10K on Saturday, December 6 starting at the Long Bay Beach Park in Negril.

In Kingston, for the first time the Jamdammers Running Club of Kingston, organisers of the internationally renowned event for the past 14 years, has partnered with We Got the Runs to implement a full-scale fitness programme which startedSeptember 1, and will continue through to the eve of the raceFriday, December 5.

Through the partnership, We Got The Runs has been offering a training programme geared toward persons who already participate in 5Ks with over 40 organized group runs covering more than 350 miles, weekly spinning classes and yoga sessions, along with participation in road race events such as the just concluded CB Group UWI 5K.

The training partnership of Jamdammers and We Got the Runs underscores the growing popularity of running for fitness and health, which is supported by a full calendar of road events that receive support from all age groups and fitness levels across the island.  The two Clubs are responsible for massive race events around the island including Colour Me Happy (We Got The Runs) and the Burger King Reggae Marathon Grand Prix Race Series (Jamdammers).

"Jamdammers Running Club has been supportive of road racing for the last nineteen years and through its brain child ReggaeMarathon, has managed to capture the hearts of many runners both locally and internationally," stated Kaysia Vaughan, club president. "This year we want to congratulate 'We Got The Runs Fitness Club' for partnering with Reggae Marathon, to host a training programme which has engaged running enthusiasts and runners. Both organizations have a common goal which is to promote fitness and, a healthy lifestyle and we look forward to working closer with them in 2015."

Each year a number of We Got The Runs' members participate in the Reggae Marathon event in order to meet their long distance running goals. This year, the We Got The Runs team will be even more involved through preparing other racers for their participation in the Reggae Marathon onSaturday, December 6.

"Our latest partnership with Reggae Marathon is another way that we get persons involved in healthy lifestyle practices through fun innovative means. We have designed fun and interesting concepts and activities for persons to train and properly prepare for running the Marathon in December," said Andrew Walcott, President of We Got The Runs.

In addition to the training programme offered through We Got The Runs, The Burger King Reggae Marathon Grand Prix series is also another medium through which the Jamdammers Running Club of Kingston have gone about getting runners prepared for the Reggae Marathon and Half Marathon & 10K. The recently concluded championships were staged in Manchester and St. Catherine to help promote and develop long distance running in Jamaica while preparing athletes for the premier event.

The Reggae Marathon and Half Marathon & 10K will be run on Saturday, December 6 in Negril and will attract participants from around the world to the shores of Jamaica. The run has developed a massive reputation internationally throughout the years and this latest move through partnering with We Got The Runs is geared toward adding another element to the event in the form of fun preparation.


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