The IAAF Continental Cup, which takes place this weekend (13-14) in Marrakech, Morocco, involves teams from Africa, Americas, Asia-Pacific and Europe and there is a total of US$2,900,000 in prize money being paid by the IAAF*.


– Each team will be allowed to enter two athletes in each event.

– No athlete shall be allowed to double in the 3000m and 5000m.

– Only one athlete from any one country may compete in each individual event.


– Individual events:

1st: 8pts
2nd: 7pts
3rd: 6pts
4th: 5pts
5th: 4pts
6th: 3pts
7th: 2pts
8th: 1pt

– Relays:
1st: 15pts
2nd: 11pts
3rd: 7pts
4th: 3pts

– Teams: Points achieved by men and women will be combined and the overall winner of the IAAF Continental Cup will be the team with the most combined points.

Prize money

– Total of US $2,900,000 will be paid by the IAAF*

Individual events (36) – $2,628,000:
1st $30,000
2nd 15,000
3rd 10,000
4th 7000
5th 5000
6th 3000
7th 2000
8th 1000

Relays (4) – $272,000:
(per team)
1st $30,000
2nd 20,000
3rd 10,000
4th 8000

– In the event that an athlete breaks a world record during the IAAF Continental Cup, the prize of US $50,000 will be awarded.


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