By Clayton Clarke, writer 

PORT-OF-SPAIN, Trinidad & Tobago – World Relay medallists Rondell Sorillo (La Brea Athletics) and Reyare Thomas (Neon Trackers) warmed up for next weekend’s NGC/Sagicor Open Championships by taking the 100m titles at the 3rd President’s Classic at the Hasely Crawford Stadium, Port of Spain on Saturday (14 June).  

Sorillo, who ran the third leg on T&T’s silver medal-winning men’s 4x100m at the inaugural IAAF World Relays Championships in Bahamas last month, took the men’s 100m title in 10.47. 

In the women’s 100m, Thomas won in 11.48 ahead of her World relay team mate, Kamaria Durant (Simplex) 11.49 while Carifta girls under 20 100m silver medallist Aaliyah Telesford (Pt. Fortin New Jets) was third (11.61). 

World Championships 400m hurdles bronze medallist Josanne Lucas (Tobago Falcons) had her first race at home in close to two years. She won the women’s 100m hurdles in 13.73. The national 400m hurdles record holder was back in competition after injury ruined her participation at the 2012 London Olympic Games. Lucas’ time was 0.44 seconds off her season’s best of 13.29. The 30 year old created history at the 2009 World Outdoor Track and Field Championships in Berlin, Germany, when she became the first local woman to win a medal at the global senior meet. Then she won bronze in the one lap hurdles final in a national record time of 53.20. 

Results Below

3rd President’s Classic
Hasely Crawford Stadium, Port of Spain
June 14

Mixed relay

Under  10:1st Cougars 58.11, 2nd Memphis Pioneers 58.76, 3rd Abilene Wildcats 58.80, 4th Pt. Fortin New Jets 1:03.62, 5th Dovers 1:03.93, 6th D’Abadie Progressive 1:04.68

Under 12 1st Pt. Fortin New Jets 52.31, 2nd Cougars 52.33, 3rd Silver Bullet 55.58, 4th D’Abadie Progressive 56.35, 5th Memphis Pioneers 57.15, 6th Hampton 59.57, dq Abilene Wildcats

Under 14: 1st Cougars 48.2, 2nd Petrotrin Palo Seco 50.30, 3rd Dovers 51.09, 4th Pt. Fortin New Jets 55.39



200m (-2.3): 1st Timothy Frederick (Pt. Fortin New Jets) 24.68, 2nd Ethan Forde (Cougars) 24.85, 3rd Joshua Butler (Simplex) 24.89, 4th Mark Hamilton (Dovers) 25.04, 5th Chaz Alexander (Petrotrin Palo Seco) 25.04, 6th Avindale Smith (Abilene Wildcats) 26.33, dnf Shakeel John (Concorde)


200m (-2.3): 1st Caliyah Wallace (Cougars) 26.13, 2nd Patrice Richards (Neon Trackers) 26.23, 3rd Alyssa George (Petrotrin Palo Seco) 26.52, 4th Melissa Boxhill (Cougars) 26.73, 5th Diane Hamilton (Petrotrin Palo Seco) 25.88, 6th Shawnika Barclay (Neon Trackers) 26.88



100m (-0.3): 1st Tyrel Edwards (Toco Titans) 11.23, 2nd Dale Joseph (Simplex) 11.36, 3rd Ako Hislop (Zenith) 11.36, 4th Ronaldo Moore (Abilene Wildcats) 11.61, 5th Renald Alleyne-Noreiga (Memphis Pioneers) 11.72, 6th David Pierce (Memphis Pioneers) 11.75, 7th Jadel Rock (Abilene Wildcats) 11.880, fs Clement Campbell (Memphis Pioneers)


100m (-1.5): 1st Akeera Esdelle (Pt. Fortin New Jets) 12.66, 2nd Ayla Stanisclaus (Zenith) 12.73, 3rd Shanaia Mc Carter (Memphis Pioneers) 12.75, 4th Akilah Lewis (Concorde) 13.03, 5th Mykael-Ann Julien (Pt. Fortin New Jets) 13.20, 6th Alexia Jemott (Spartans) 13.34, 7th Faith Fernando (Hampton) 13.40, 8th Kerneka Waldron (Silver Bullet (13.51)



100m (+2.8): 1st Akanni Hislop (Zenith) 10.64, 2nd Xavier Mulgata (Memphis Pioneers) 10.79, 3rd David Winchester (Zeno Constance) 10.88, 4th Corey Stewarat (Abilene Wildcats) 10.95, 5th Chad Richards (Penal) 11.01, 6th Karl-Johan Bailey (Abilene Wildcats) 11,02, 7th Elijah Young (Mustangs) 11.17, 8th Alan Huggins (Warriors) 11.27

400m: 1st Jacob St. Clair (Abilene Wildcats) 48.16, 2nd Kashef King (Pt. Fortin New Jets) 49.08, 3rd Daniel Gibbs (Mustangs) 51.34, 4th Mark Baptiste (D’Abadie Progressive) 53.71, dnf Jesse Frederick (Memphis Pioneers)

800m: 1st Myles Jackson (Memphis Pioneers) 1:58.74, 2nd O’Nel De Shong (Airbon Sonics) 2:04.86, 3rd Joshua James (Cougars) 2:05.93, 4th Atiba Samuel (Petrotrin Palo Seco) 2:11.98


100m: (+0.1): 1st Jenea Spinks (Neon Trackers) 12.36, 2nd Shikyla Walcott (Simplex) 12.53, 3rd Rayann Linton (Memphis Pioneers) 12.76, 4th Karista Thomas (Neon Trackers) 12.79, 5th Maurina Joseph (Pt. Fortin New Jets) 12.93

400m: 1st Renee Stoddard (Neon Trackers) 56.81, 2nd Anika Wolfe (Petrotrin PAP) 57.69, 3rd Je-Risa James (Memphis Pioneers) 58.88, 4th Jandayi Noel (Neon Trackers) 59.86, 5th Alena Clarke (Pt. Fortin New Jets) 1:03.53, 6th Patrina La Touche (Oasics) 1:03.80



100m (+0.3): 1st Jonathan Farinha (Abilene Wildcats) 10.44, 2nd  Holland Cabara (Abilene Wildcat) 10.62, 3rd Micah Ballantyne (Alpha) 10.65, 4th Declan Mc Clean (Simplex) 10.96, 5th Josiah Patrice (Petrotrin Palo Seco) 11.13, 6th Keston Wickham (Concorde) 11.15, 7th Alexander Prevatt (Memphis Pioneers) 11.41, 8th Cordell Griffith (Spartans) 14.69

200m (-1.2): 1st Asa Guevara (Abilene Wildcats) 21.87, 2nd Daniel Garraway (Pt. Fortin New Jets) 22.21, 3rd St. Luke Springer (Petrotrin Pt.-a-Pierre) 22.31, 4th Rusean Barclay (Neon Trackers) 22.45, 5th Akshay Ramlochan (UTT) 22.63, 6th Shomari John (Concorde) 23.30



100m A (0.0): 1st Rondel Sorillo (La Brea) 10.47, 2nd Le Sean Noel (UTT) 10.58, 3rd Courtney Bascombe (Memphis Pioneers) 10.63, 4th Quinn-Lee Ralph (Concorde) 10.65, 5th Tacuma Sterling (Alpha) 10.74, 6th Haysean Cowie-Clarke (Zenith) 22.44

100m B(+1.1): 1st Ashron Sobers (Zenith) 10.67, 2nd Stephen Solomon (Rebirth) 10.75, 3rd Ian Thomas (Memphis Pioneers) 10.82, 4th Jesse Berkely (Simplex) 10.91

200m (+2.0): 1st Jereem Richards (Abilene Wildcats) 20.58, 2nd Ayodelle Taffe (Abilene Wildcats) 20.82, 3rd Kyle Greaux (Abilene Wildcats) 21.07, 4th Courtney Bascombe (Memphis Pioneers) 21.47,5th Kirdell Mc Intosh (UTT) 21.97, 6th Che Hart (Concorde) 22.26, 7th Adisa Sorillo (UTT) 22.48, 8th Lincoln London (Memphis Pioneers) 22.61

400m: 1st Deverne Charles (TTDF) 47.30, 2nd Tyler Francis (Abilene Wildcats) 47.84, 3rd Nathan Farinha (Abilene Wildcats) 47.94, 4th Kern Alexis (Neon Trackers) 47.94, 5th Anika Prince (TTDF) 48.27, 6th Ohdel James (Abilene Wildcats) 48.48, 7th Nail Thomas (Abilene Wildcats) 48.49

800m: 1st Jamaal James (Rebirth) 1:50.54, 2nd Kendis Bullard (TTDF) 1:52.47, 3rd Denny Gualbance (UTT) 1:52.79, 4th Mark London (Zenith) 1:52.86, 5th Kerime Morris (Branches) 1:53.03, 6th Sterling Paul (Neon Trackers) 1:54.20, 7th Ashton Gill (Cougars) 1:55.07, 8th Clifton Sylvester (TTDF) 1:59.56, dnf Christian Benn (Airbon Sonics) 

1500m: 1st George Smith (TTDF) 4:05.79, 2nd Quincy Elliot (TTDF) 4:06.38, 3rd Christopher Mitchell (TTDF) 4:08.77, 4th Jules La Rode (Penal) 4:10.77

110m Hurdles (+0.8): 1st Reubin Walters (Memphis Pioneers) 14.49, 2nd Kuniba Stewart (Tobago Falcons) 15.49, dq Aaron Lewis (Zenith)

High jump: 1st Omari Benoit (Tobago Falcons) 2.00, 2nd Rodney Liverpool (TTDF) 1.95, 3rd David Thomas (Tobago Jaguars) 1.90, 4th Franklyn Stanisclaus (Zenith) 1.90, nh Kristian La Touche (Memphis Pioneers)

Long jump: 1st Seon Michael Stafford (TTDF) 7.10/+0.4, 2nd Andwuelle Wright (Rebirth) 6.98/+1.8, 3rd Dwaine Herbert (Dovers) 6.90/-2.6, 4th Atiba Wright (UTT) 6.57/+1.9, 5th Amichi Goodridge (Airbon Sonics)  6.31/nwi

Shot put: 1st Hezekeil Romeo (Rebirth) 15.15, 2nd Quincy Wilson (Rebirth) 16.85, 3rd Kesean PHillips (UWI) 16.63, 4th Akeem Stewart (Tobago Falcons) 16.38, 5th Kenejah Williams (Tobago Falcons) 15.46

Javelin: 1st Precious George (Warriors) 50.91

4x100m: 1st Abilene Wildcats 39.88, 2nd TTDF 41.19, 3rd UTT 41.21, 4th Alpha 41.28, 5th Dovers 42.89, 6th Pt. Fortin New Jets 43.14

4x400m: 1st TTDF 3:10.68, 2nd Rebirth 3:11.32, 3rd Abilene Wildcats 3:12.97, 4th Neon Trackers 3:13.44, 5th UTT 3:18.47, 6th Mustangs 2:23.19


100m (-0.1): 1st Reyare Thomas (Neon Trackers) 11.48, 2nd Kamaria Durant (Simplex) 11.49, 3rd Aaliyah Telesford (Pt. Fortin New Jets) 11.61, 4th Lisa Wickham (Concorde) 11.63, 5th Zakiya Denoon (Zenith) 11.77, 6th Sasha Springer (Concorde) 12.09, 7th Tsai-Anne Joseph (Abilene Wildcats) 12.12, fs Kayelle Clarke (Petrotrin Pt.-a-Pierre) 

400m: 1st Romona Modeste (Neon Trackers) 53.24, 2nd Domonique Williams (Neon Trackers) 54.47, 3rd Ayoka Cummings (Neon Trackers) 54.79, 4th Shirnell Ettienne (UTT) 56.84, 5th Kafi Ottley (Memphis Pioneers) 57.08

800m: 1st Alena Brooks (Memphis) 2:07.65, 2nd Dawnell Collymore (Memphis Pioneers) 2:14.02, 3rd Elia Nero (Toco TItans) 2:19.54, 4th Shirley Stapleton (Cougars) 2:28.84

Shot put: 1st Chelsea James (Tobago Falcons) 13.97, 2nd Portious Warren (Toco TAFAC) 13.64, 3rd Gwendolyn Smith (Petrotrin Palo Seco) 11.38, 4th Marielle Pierre (Burnley) 11.14

100m Hurdles (-0.9): 1st Josanne Lucas (Tobago Falcons) 13.73, 2nd Akil Mc Shine (Cougars) 14.08, 3rd Anya Akili (Zenith) 15.99

4x100m: 1st Concorde 46.59, 2nd Pt. Fortin New Jets 47.27, dq Simplex


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