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For anyone who supports Ghana, that team must be the most frustrating team to watch. Since the last world cup I noticed that as soon as they reach the last third of the attacking field they consistently shoots instead of going closer to the 18 yards box.

It is mind boggling to believe these guys played for the top clubs in the world. They displayed no mental thought process when attacking the opponent goal. I have never seen any team take as many wayward 30 yards or more shots like them. With all the talent they possess making a positive cross into the opponent penalty area seem difficult. They could put passes and beat their men easily until they reach the last third of the field then they become selfish individuals.

As for the first goal by the USA, how can a defender allow a man to beat him so easily on his inside? It seem he forget the fundamental of positioning when the opponent is attacking in the box.
The strange thing about the Ghanaian players is that when they are playing for their club they do not take these wayward shots at least nothing close to consistency as they do in the world cup. Leading up to the world cup I expected them to be one of the team to qualify for the second round.

With the talent level of Ghana and Ivory Coast, it is hard to accept the crappy way they play if you are a fan. They both highlight the reason why certain countries will constantly have a hard time going deep in any world cup while some do not.

Fitness, strength, talent must be mix with team work. So far they seem to forget the team work aspect which put into question their desire to win it all. Funny they do not show this individualism crap when they are playing for their club. The important passes for any offense is in the final third because this is where goals are scored.

Apparently Ghana forgets that valuable understanding.

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