PORT-OF-SPAIN, Trinidad and Tobago – Timothy Frederick (Pt. Fortin New Jets) and Safiya John (Zenith) were the outstanding performers at the 2014 NGC/NAAA Juvenile Track and Field Championships, which took place at the Hasely Crawford Stadium, Port of Spain on June 7 & 8.

Both athletes emerged as triple champions. Frederick dominated the boys under 14 sprints by winning the 100m, 200m and 400m while John secured the girls under 14 high jump, long jump and cricket ball throw titles. 

Frederick took the 100m (11.73) and 400m (56.18) crowns on Saturday and then ran away with the 200m on Sunday in 23.89. Frederick, the Vessigny Secondary first form student, then anchored Pt. Fortin New Jets to victory in the boys under 14 sprint medley (100m x 200m x 200m x 300m) relay in 1:44.27 to hold off Cougar’s late charge by Forde (1:44.36).  

John landed the girls under 14 long jump on Sunday’s final day with a leap of 4.60m to add to her high jump (1.46) and cricket ball throw (48.91) titles on Saturday.

Nikkeda Peters (Simplex) led the list of double winners. Peters was impressive in securing the girls’ under 10 60m (8.87/+0.2)) and 80m (11.73/-2.9).

The Memphis duo of Reshawn Andrews and Deleth Charles, the Cougars pair of Shaniqua Bascombe and Jordan Pope, Devin Augustine (Pt. Fortin New Jets), Aaliyah Mitchell (Abilene Wildcats), Patrice Richards (Neon Trackers) all won two events. 

Andrews took the boys’ under 10 60m (8.89) and 80m (11.12) while Charles secured the girls’ under 14 100m (12.56) and 200m (25.26).  Bascombe landed the girls’ under 12 80m (10.93) and 150m (20.00) with Pope crossing the line first in the boys’ under 12 400m (1:03.05) and 800m (2:36.15).

Augustine topped the field in the boys under 12 80m (10.42) and 150m (19.49) as Mitchell dominated the girls’ under 14 800m (2:21.89) and 1000m (3:09.44).  Richards took home the girls’ under 14 60m hurdles (10.42) and 400m (58.32). 

unnamedThe highlight of the meet was the large turnout of athletes from more than twenty athletic clubs and schools across the country. There were 42 competitors in the boys’ under 12 cricket ball throw, 50 in the boys’ under 10 cricket ball throw, 78 in the girls’ under 10 60m, 85 in the boys’ under 10 60m and  94 in the boys under 12 80m.

Point Fortin New Jets won 12 gold medals and a total of 23 medals (12 gold, 3 silver, 8 bronze) over the two days of competition while Memphis ended second with eight gold, six silver and six bronze.  

The other teams in order were Cougars (six gold, 15 silver and 12 bronze); Zenith (5, 4, 4); Neon Trackers (5, 3, 0); Abilene Wildcats (3, 1, 0); Simplex (3, 1, 0); D’Abadie Progressive (2, 3, 5); Silver Bullet (2, 3, 1); St. Mary’s Home & Burnley (1,1,0); Tobago Falcons  & Toco TAFAC (1, 0, 1); Caroni Hindu (1, 0, 0); Unattached (0, 2, 3); Petrotrin Palo Seco (0, 1, 3); Valencia & Morvant Jets (0, 1, 2); Tobago Jaguars (0, 1, 0); Concorde (0, 0, 2).


Under 10

Mixed 4 X 50m relay: Cougars 30.03, 2nd Memphis 31.12, 3rd Morvant Jets 32.27


60m (+0.2): 1st Nikkeda Peters (Simplex) 8.87, 2nd Kadija Pickering (Abilene) 9.06, 3rd Janae De Gannes (Zenith) 9.27

80m (-2.0): 1st Nikkeda Peters (Simplex) 11.73, 2nd Kadija Pickering (Abilene) 12.34, 3rd Celine St. Clair (Pt. Fortin New Jets) 12.38

Long jump: 1st Celine St. Clair (Pt. Fortin New Jets) 3.98/+2.3, 2nd Janae De Gannes (Zenith) 3.50/nwi, 3rd Naomi Pierce (Memphis) 3.19/nwi

Cricket ball throw: 1st KD Jazz Mitchell (Neon Trackers) 22.26, 2nd Cherise James (Morvant Jets) 20.20, 3rd Shernyka Ramoutar (Morvant Jets) 17.70


60m (+0.1): 1st Reyshawn Andrews (Memphis) 8.69, 2nd Elijah John (Cougars) 8.79, 3rd Travis Lewis (Memphis) 8.89

80m (+2.6): 1st Reyshawn Andrews (Memphis) 11.12, 2nd Tyreese James (Silver Bullet) 11.38, 3rd Kyrell Thomas (Cougars) 11.40

Long jump: 1st Keone John (Memphis) 4.11/nwi, 2nd Jesse Williams (Cougars) 3.97/nwi, 3rd Andell Timothy (Memphis) 3.80/+1.3

Cricket ball throw: 1st Lebron James (Tobago Falcons) 47.31, 2nd Zion Pierre (Oasics) 41.34, 3rd Terrell Coombs (Striders) 35.35

Under 12

Mixed  4 X 100m relay: 1st Pt. Fortin New Jets 52.64, 2nd Cougars 53.33, 3rd Memphis 54.67


80m (0.0): 1st Shaniqua Bascombe (Cougars) 10.93, 2nd Malika Coutain (Pt. Fortin New Jets) 11.03, 3rd Eden Bertete (D’Abadie Progressive) 11.11

150m (+1.9): 1st Shaniqua Bascombe (Cougars) 20.00, 2nd Eden Bertete (D’Abadie Progressive)  20.50, 3rd Malika Coutain (Pt. Fortin New Jets) 20.50

400m:1st Eden Bertete (D’Abadie Progressive) 1:07.40, 2nd Claudine Antoine (Neon Trackers) 1:07.98, 3rd Kerniel Waldron (Silver Bullet) 1:08.48

800m: 1st Ariel Villariel (Zenith) 2:49.88, 2nd Faith Salvary (D’Abadie Progressive) 2:54.40, 3rd Karessa Kirton (Cougars) 2:58.13

High jump: 1st Shaniya Morgan (Neon Trackers) 1.20, 2nd Arianne Lucio (Memphis) 1.15, 3rd Eden Bertete (D’Abadie Progressive) 1.00

Long jump:1st Kerneil Waldron (Silver Bullet) 3.61/+2.3, 2nd Claudine Antoine (Neon Trackers) 3.31/-2.4, 3rd Karees Kirton (Cougars) 3.29/+0.9

Cricket ball throw: 1st Celeine Rampersad (Caroni Hindu) 35.36, 2nd Faith Salvary (D’Abadie Progressive) 30.47, 3rd Malika Coutain (Pt. Fortin New Jets) 29.25


80m (+1.0): 1st Devin Augustine (Pt. Fortin New Jets) 10.42, 2nd Jamali Lynch (Memphis) 10.62, 3rd Keavon McKenna (Zenith) 10.67

150m (-2.6): 1st Devin Augustine (Pt. Fortin New Jets) 19.49, 2nd Keavon McKenna (Zenith) 19.96, 3rd Jordan Pope (Cougars) 20.26

400m: 1st Jordan Pope (Cougars) 1:03.05, 2nd Raheem Lockhart (Silver Bullet) 1:04.03, 3rd Akidel Cottle (Cougars) 1:09.37 

800m: 1st Jordan Pope (Cougars) 2:36.15, 2nd Raheem Lockhart (Silver Bullet) 2:37.93, 3rd Rinaldo Moore (Memphis) 2:39.87

High jump: 1st Aaron  Antoine (Neon Trackers) 1.40, 2nd Jordan Pope (Cougars) 1.20, 3rd Terron Celestine (Cougars)  1.20

Long jump: 1st Jamali Lynch (Memphis) 4.32/+2.4, 2nd Akidel Cottle (Cougars) 4.25/nwi, 3rd Terron Celestine (Cougars) 4.09/nwi

Cricket ball throw: 1st Daniel Qui (Silver Bullet( 53.29, 2nd Zuriel Edwards (Petrotin PAP) 43.l91, 3rd Terron Celestine (Cougars) 42.00

Under 14

Mixed 4 X 100m relay: Memphis 48.99, 2nd Cougars 49.13, 3rd Pt. Fortin New Jets 49.57


100m (0.0): 1st Deleth Charles (Memphis) 12.56, 2nd Caliyah Wallace (Cougars) 12.73, J’da Bullen (Memphis) 12.87

200m (+1.9): 1st Deleth Charles (Memphis) 25.26, 2nd Caliyah Wallace (Cougars) 25.39, Jeniel Morris (Memphis) 25.62

400m: 1st Patrice Richards (Neon Trackers)  58.32, 2nd Jeneil Morris (Memphis) 58.95, 3rd Diane Hamilton (Petrotrin PAP) 1:00.50

800m: 1st Aaliyah Mitchell (Abilene Wildcats) 2:21.89, 2nd Caliyah Wallace (Cougars)  2:34.22, 3rd Camille Lewis (Valencia) 2:34.77

1000m: 1st Aaliyah Mitchell (Abilene Wildcats) 3:09.44, 2nd Camille Lewis (Valencia) 3:30.30, 3rd Kelly-Ann Murray (Zenith) 3:31.59

60m Hurdles (0.0): 1st Patrice Richards (Neon Trackers) 10.42, 2nd Meliss Boxhill (Cougars) 10.58, 3rd Antonio Sealy (Pt. Fortin New Jets) 10.77

300m Hurdles: 1st Antonia Sealy (Pt. Fortin New Jets) 49.09

High jump:1st Safiya John (Zenith) 1.46, 2nd Antonia Sealey (Pt. Fortin New Jets) 1.43, 3rd Shannon Daniel (Tobago Falcons) 1.35

Long jump: 1st Safiya John (Zenith) 4.60/-1.2, 2nd Jeniel Morris (Memphis) 4.34/-0.2, 3rd Twanna Homeward (Toco TAFAC) 3.99/0.0

Shot put: 1st Saffire Villafana (Burnley) 8.41, 2nd Regina Haynes (Oasics) 7.94, 3rd Melissa Boxhill (Cougars) 7.92

Cricket ball throw: 1st Safiya John (Zenith) 48.91, 2nd Crystal Gibbs (St. Mary’s Home) 45.21, 3rd Shakira Crosby (Unattached) 42.97

Javelin: 1st Crystal Gibbs (St. Mary’s Home) 25.98, 2nd Jaeda Attong-JUlien (Burnley) 21.79, 3rd  Melissa Boxhill (Cougars) 21.50

Sprint Medley Relay (100m X 200m X 200m X 300m): 1st Memphis 1:48.04, 2nd Neon Trackers 1:49.84, 3rd Cougars 1:50.06


100m (+0.6): 1st Timothy Frederick (Pt. Fortin New Jets) 11.73, 2nd Joshua Butler (Simplex) 11.84, 3rd Shakeel John (Concorde) 11.91

200m (-2.4): 1st Timothy Frederick (Pt. Fortin New Jets) 23.89, 2nd Ethan Forde (Cougars) 24.23, 3rd Renaldo Mc Eachnie (Concorde) 24.36 

400m:  1st Timothy Frederick (Pt. Fortin New Jets) 56.18, 2nd Ethan Forde (Cougars) 59.12, 3rd Chaz Alexander (Petrotrin PAP) 59.59

800m: 1st Aarin Simon (Memphis) 2:27.96, 2nd  Asim Atherton (Cougars) 2:28.36, 3rd Joel Andrews (D’Abadie Progressive)  2:28.58

1200m:1st Asim Atherton (Cougars) 3:54.83, 2nd Aarin Simon (Memphis) 4:02.06, 3rd Steven Walcott (Unattached) 4:09.08

80m Hurdles: 1st 1st Kareem Bedeau (Pt. Fortin New Jets) 14.92/+0.5, 2nd Kristien Smith (Cougars) 15.10, 3rd Ariel Kerr (Cougars) 15.18

300m Hurdles: 1st Justin Guy (Zenith) 52.33, 2nd Kareem Bedeau (Pt. Fortin New Jets) 53.64, 3rd Jabari Noel ((Pt. Fortin New Jets) 55.79

High jump: 1st Avindale Smith (Abilene Wildcats) 1.57, 2nd Justin Guy (Zenith) 1.50, 3rd Joel Andrews (D’Abadie Progressive) 1.45

Long jump: 1st Malachi Lam (Pt. Fortin New Jets) 4.41/+1.3, 2nd Kegel Chance (Zenith) 4.07/-3.1, 3rd Kyle Bridgewater (Pt. Fortin New Jets) 4.0

Shot put: 1st Alvin Mc Kenzie (Toco TAFAC) 15/-0.92.15, 2nd Mikhail Grainger (Unattached) 9.97, 3rd Joel  Andrews (D’Abadie Progressive) 9.32

Cricket ball throw: 1st Stephon Caesar (Pt. Fortin New Jets) 46.06, 2nd 43.64, 3rd Jabari Noel (Pt. Fortin New Jets) 39.20

Javelin: 1st Joel Andrews (D’Abadie Progressive) 36.94, 2nd Nicholas Dinzey (Cougars) 35.18, 3rd Kyle Neptune (Zenith) 32.65

Sprint Medley Relay (100m X 200m X 200m X 300m): 1st Pt. Fortin New jets 1:44.27, 2nd Cougars 1:44.36, 3rd Abilene Wildcats 1:48.99


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