Tobago Educational district had to settle for second again behind Port Spain at the annual Atlantic National Primary Schools Track and Field Championships at the Hasely Crawford Stadium in Mucurapo on Wednesday May 21. 

The Tobagonians were hoping to upset the 38-time champion after doing so in 2008 and 2009 but came up short as Port of Spain won with 423.80 points.

Tobago Educational tallied 343 points for second place.

Leading the charge for Tobago was Janae De Gannes,.

De Gannes retained her Girls’ Under 19 60m and 100m crowns and improved to silver from bronze in the long jump.

De Gannes, the sister of top junior table tennis player Jasher, took the 60m in 9.25 seconds from Janika Jordan (Port Spain) 9.28 and Sierra Joseph (Victoria) 9.35 and then the 100m in 15.08 again denying Jordan (15.11) and Joseph (15.24).

De Gannes was going for a third gold in the long jump but was beaten into second (2.90m) by Nishia Alexander of South East (3.06m).

She  missed another medal in the Girls Under 9 4x100m as her Tobago team was disqualified.  De Gannes was named the top Under 9 girl of the meet earning 28 points.

Kevon Mc Kenna was also a double champion for Tobago winning the Boys’  Under  11 100m and 300m. 

Mc Kenna took the top Boys’ Under 11 award with 20 points.

Justin Guy retained the Boys’ Under 13 high jump crown with a leap of 1.50m.  

Kegel Chance then took the Boys’ Under 13 high jump with a distance of 4.93m.

Other gold medallists for Tobago were: Tahealia Kennedy (Girls’ Under 13 cricket ball throw), Breanna Vincent (Girls’ Under 13 high jump), Kiarra Chales (Girls’ 13-15 high jump), Bazil Lovell (Boys’ 13-15 discus), Kareem Peters (Boys’  Under 13-15 javelin.

2014 Atlantic National Primary Schools Track and Field Championships




60m (+1.6):1st Janae De Gannes (TOB) 9.25, 2nd Janika Jordan (POS) 9.28, 3rd Sierra Joseph (VIC) 9.35, 4th Kaylee (Peters (STP) 9.85, 5th Jelani Lashington (CAR) 9.98, 6th Aphrodite Leacock (SE) 10.35, 7th Bryanna Gumbs (SGE) 10.55, 8th Jewel Paul (NE) 10.59

100m (0.0): 1st Janae De Gannes (TOB) 15.08, 2nd Janika Jordan (POS) 15.11, 3rd Sierra Joseph (VIC) 15.24, 4th Gianna Paul (SGE) 15.59, 5th Jelani Lashington (Caroni) 16.92, 6th Alisha Phillip (STP) 17.21, 7th Akeisha Clarke (NE) 17.27, 8th Breanna McLeod (SE) 17.59

4x100m: 1st Victoria 1:07.28, 2nd St George East 1:07.40, 3rd South East 1:25.51, dq Tobago, Port of Spain

Cricket ball throw: 1st Annale Pierre (SE) 21.62, 2nd Shemiah Frederick (VIC) 19.59, 3rd Naheema Mayers (POS) 16.70, 4th Courtney Morris (STP) 16.06

Long jump (nwi):1st Nishia Alexander (SE) 3.06, 2nd Janae De Gannes (TOB) 2.90, 3rd Cristal Daly (VIC) 2.78, 4th Brittney Springer (SGE) 1.65, foul Jelani Lashington (CAR), Mahalia Nottingham (POS), Akeisha Clarke (NE)


60m (+2.2): 1st Jaylon Bartholomew(CAR) 8.93, 2nd Tyriek Forbes (TOB) 9.35, 3rd McKell Otway(STP)9.38, 4th Imanni Matthew (NE) 9.51, 5th Khalif Danglade (POS) 9.53, 6th Khareem Solomon (SE) 9.80 (VIC) 9.64, 7th Jaden Clement (SE) 9.80

100m (+1.6): 1st Jaylon Bartholomew(CAR) 14.41, 2nd Kal-El Johnson (SGE) 14.66, 3rd Josiah Banfield (VIC) 15.23, 4th McKell Otway (STP) 15.28, 5th Tyriek Forbes (TOB) 15.47, 6th Khalif Danglade (POS) 15.58, 7th Imanni Matthew (NE) 15.89, 8th Kyle Willkinson (SE) 16.83

4X100m: 1st Tobago 1:04.46, 2nd Victoria 1:07.55, 3rd North East 1:07.70, 4th South East 1:13.24, dq Port of Spain, Caroni

Cricket ball throw: 1st Jaylan Dipchan (SE) 34.00, 2nd Imanni Matthew (NE) 29.82, 3rd Luke Acevero (STP) 29.21, 4th Jalani Hutchinson (POS) 29.00, 5th Eric Williams (VIC) 24.80

Long jump: 1st Terrel Wickham (CAR) 3.24/+3.4, 2nd Nicholai Voisin (NE) 3.21/+3.0, 3rd Christiano Phillip (POS) 3.15/+1.6, 4th Khareem Solomon (VIC) 2.95/+2.3, 5th Joachim Cornwall (TOB) 2.89/+4.0, 6th Triston Parbhoo (STP) 2.49/+3.0



100m (+3.7): 1st Vanessa Stephen (SGE) 13.98, 2nd Xea Bruce (NE) 14.06, 3rd Renesha Andrews (POS), 4th Sydney Horsford (VIC) 15.20, 5th Maria La Foucade (SE) 16.00, dq Shane Dick (TOB)

200m (+1.1):1st Xea Bruce (NE) 28.75, 2nd Karessa Kirton (POS) 30.62, 3rd Kadija Pickering (SGE) 30.83, 4th Tenika Edwards (TOB) 31.72, 5th Shawnelle Williams (CAR) 31.80, 6th Reniel David (VIC) 34.95, 7th Anastacia Peters (SE) 37.57

300m: 1st Vanessa Stephen (SGE)  48.14, 2nd Tenika Edwards (TOB) 50.44, 3rd Kanessa Thompson (VIC) 52.31, 4th Telise Alibocas (STP) 54.80, dq Kellian Felix (POS)

4x100m: 1st Port of Spain 58.28, 2nd St. George East 1:00.01, 3rd St. Patrick 1:00.12, 4th Victoria 1:01.44, 5th Caroni 1:01.95, 6th Tobago 1:02.72, 7th North East 1:03.24, 8th South East 1:11.89

Cricket ball throw: 1st Kayla Baboolal (NE) 31.70, 2nd Amanda Gibbs (SGE) 28.60, 3rd Amaria Snell (CAR) 28.39, 4th Jardelle Braxton (VIC) 24.06

Long jump (nwi):1st Jermelia Baker (CAR) 3.74, 2nd Jaycel Bailey (STP) 3.46, 3rd Ariel De Freitas (TOB) 3.26, 4th Reniel David (VIC) 3.24, 5th Renesha McEachnie (POS)  3.22, 6th Shinika Baptiste (NE) 3.19, 7th Giselle Moses (SGE) 2.77, 8th Akayla Charles (SE) 2.71


100m (0.0): 1st Kevon Mc Kenna (TOB) 13.24, 2nd Jarvon Westfield (POS) 13.86, 3rd Aaron Antoine (CAR) 13.99, 4th Theron O’Brien  (SGE) 14.08, 5th Kevin Robinson (NE) 14.89, 6th Jaheim Paul (SE) 14.92, dq Adriel Bruce (VIC)

200m (+3.0): 1st Jarvon Westfield (POS) 28.50, 2nd Rekem Riley (SGE) 29.16, 3rd Aaron Rodriguez (CAR) 30.39, 4th Omari Thomas (SE) 30.50, 5th Travis Johnson (VIC0 31.00, 6th Kevin Robinson (NE) 31.62

300m: 1st Kevon Mc Kenna (TOB) 42.40, 2nd Stephon Guerra (SGE) 46.57, 3rd Michael Jack (POS) 46.92, 4th Asiel Gonzales (NE) 49.74, 5th Zared Perrot (VIC) 1:02.66, 6th Kern Smart (STP) 1:20.29, dq Tekeil Charleau (SE)

4x100m:1st Victoria 56.76, 2nd Caroni 58.95, 4rd Port of Spain 1:00.49, 4th Port of Spain 1:03.71, dq St. George East, Tobago, South East

Long jump: 1st Keone John (POS) 3.91/0.0, 2nd Aaron Antoine (CAR) 3.82/0.0, 3rd Jeremiah Ottway (SE) 3.50/+2.9, 4th Stephen Seeraj (3.46/+2.6, 5th Jaheim Mike (VIC) 3.46/-0.3, 6th Josiah Dyer (NE) 3.34/+0.3, foul Kriston James (TOB)



100m (+2.4):1st Cailyah Wallace (POS) 12.87, 2nd Gabriella Walters (VIC) 13.10, 3rd Twanna Homeward (NE) 13.18, 4th Shania Gordon (SGE) 13.57, 5th Kerliyah Greene (SE) 13.71, 6th Jayda Williams (CAR) 13.82, 7th Ashanti Alexis (STP) 14.02, 8th Terrian Smith (TOB) 14.50

200m (+0.8): 1st Cailyah Wallace (POS) 26.45, 2nd Twanna Homeward (NE) 26.86, 3rd Shanika Ashby (TOB) 27.32, 4th Shania Gordon (SGE) 27.76, 5th Gabriella Walters (VIC) 27.78, 6th Claudine Antoine (CAR) 29.09, 7th Kekola Bhola (STP) 29.11

400m: 1st Cailyah Wallace (POS) 1:02.30, 2nd  Malika Coutain (STP) 1:06.16, 3rd Kerneil Waldron (SGE) 1:06.36, 4th Claudine Antoine (CAR) 1:08.19, 5th Tishanna Daly (VIC) 1:18.77, 6th Leah Rotant (SE) 1:21.30

4x100m:1st Port of Spain 52.84, 2nd St. Patrick 54.51, 3rd St. George East 54.68, 4th Caroni 55.37, 5th North East 56.17, 6th Victoria 56.40, 7th Tobago 56.47, 8th South East 1:00.20

Cricket ball throw: Tahealia Kennedy (TOB) 44.48, 2nd Afiyah Cornwall (CAR) 39.98, 3rd Mackayla Baboolal (VIC) 39.32, 4th Renelle Louis (NE) 37.61, 5th Jada St. Hillaire (POS) 36.92, 6th Shawn Douglas (SE) 36.17

High jump:1st Breanna Vincent (TOB) 1.35, 2nd Keiley Martin (CAR) 1.25, 3rd Trishel McLauren (NE) 1.25, nh Jada St. Hilaire (POS)

Long jump (nwi): 1st Kelola Bhola (STP) 4.46, 2nd Maria Frances Serrant (POS) 4.07, 3rd Syrhire Lewis (CAR) 3.97, 4th Shanika Ashby (TOB) 3.53, 5th Kerliyah Greene (SE) 3.38, foul Kerva Lewis (SGE), Gabriella Walters (VIC), Twanna Homeward (NE)


100m (+2.1): 1st Ethan Forde (POS) 11.98, 2nd Ayele Joseph (VIC) 12.72, 3rd Devin Augustine (STP) 12.77, 4th Kenley Gibbs (TOB) 13.15, 5th Kedar George (NE) 13.28, 6th Shomari Nichols (SGE) 13.30, 7th Kengal Christopher (CAR) 13.68, 8th Stefon Salazar (SE) 14.15

200m (+2.7): 1st Ethan Forde (POS) 25.17, 2nd Adica Ash (VIC) 27.71, 3rd Judah McEachine (NE) 29.46, 4th Nicholas Bobcome (SE) 33.59, 5th Dareece Corrion (STP) 42.61

400m: 1st Ethan Forde (POS) 59.60, 2nd Jaiye Sheppard (TOB) 1:05.12, 3rd Nikel Baptiste (VIC) 1:05.25, 4th Stefon Salazar (SE) 1:08.76, 5th Josiah Baptiste (NE) 1:09.77

4x100m: 1st Port of Spain 50.56, 2nd Victoria 52.89, 3rd Tobago 53.93, 4th St. Patrick 54.13, 5th St. George East 54.15, 6th North East 56.82, 7th Caroni 57.25, 8th South East 1:01.54

Cricket ball throw: 1st Marcus Alleyne (SE) 56.78, 2nd Amrit Seerattan (VIC) 54.35, 3rd Rashard Hart (CAR) 54.32, 4th Josiah Bideshi (SGE) 52.21, 5th Matthew Cadette (POS) 52.14, 6th Kerlon Corrion (STP) 48.80, 7th Zidan Francis (North East) 48.62, 8th David Cruicksank (Tobago) 46.41

High jump:1st Justin Guy (TOB) 1.50, 2nd Kareme Bedeau (STP) 1.40, 3rd Anikah Vidal (VIC)1.40, 4th Mamaade Guerra (POS) 1.30 , 5th Hasseem Taylor (CAR) 1.20, 6th Tarique Kerr (NE) 1.15

Long jump: 1st Kegel Chance (TOB) 4.93/+2.0, 2nd Jamal Antoine (CAR) 4.87/+2.8, 3rd Ariel Kerr (POS) 4.73/+3.1, 4th Stevon Thomas (VIC) 4.16/+2.4, 5th Davieon Callender (NE) 4.11/+1.1, 6th Stefon Salazar (SE) 4.04/-2.6, 7th Sayvion Cruickshank (STP) 3.96/+2.5



100m (+0.3):1st Melissa Boxhill (POS) 13.33, 2nd Kelly-Ann Duke (TOB) 13.48, 3rd Aaliyah Adams (CAR) 13.69, 4th Christine Alexander (STP) 13.90, 5th Aquila Danglad (SE) 13.94, 6th Zoan Charles (NE) 14.34, 7th Mylee Moses (VIC) 14.45, dq Tiese Alphose (SGE)

200m (+2.6): 1st Joanna Rogers (POS) 27.17, 2nd Aaliyah Adams (CAR) 28.04, 3rd  4th Christine Alexander (STP) 28.38, 4th  Aquila Danglad (SE) 28.39, 5th Ashakie Hagley (SGE) 28.82, 6th Keishanna Romeo (TOB) 29.06, 7th Shaquana Olton (NE) 29.97, 8th  Maria Garcia (VIC) 31.22

400m: 1st  Aaliyah Adams (CAR) 1:03.85, 2nd Blossom Swift (POS) 1:04.36, 3rd Christine Alexander (STP) 1:05.83, 4th Keishanna Romeo (TOB) 1:06.71, 5th Maria Garcia (VIC) 1:15.07

Sprint Medley: 1s Port of Spain 1:58.45, 2nd Tobago 2:05.71, 3rd St. George East 2:08.57, 4th Victoria 2:14.51, 5th St. Patrick 2:17.57, 6th North East 2:21.51, dq South East

Shot put: 1st Kamaria Louis (POS) 6.70, 2nd Anika Busby (TOB) 6.66, 3rd Kirtisha Edwards (SE) 6.43, 4th Shania Ramlal (VIC) 6.26, Iniffa Alexis (NE) 6.05, 6th Anastacia Celestine (CAR) 5.69

Discus: 1st Michelle Davis (SE) 18.66, 2nd Melissa Boxhill (POS) 18.46, 3rd Tineka Francis(NE) 17.55, 4th Katherine Orr (TOB) 16.77, 5th Andrea Serrette (VIC) 15.92, 6th Jemalee Jones (STP) 14.31, 7th Anastacia Celestine (CAR) 12.05

Javelin: 1st Annalee Figaro (SE) 20.36, 2nd Iniffa Alexis (NE) 20.36, 3rd Kurshell Collins (VIC) 18.38, 4th Eric Outram (POS) 18.07, 5th Peaches Samuel (TOB) 15.75, 6th Zaria Pessoa (SGE) 14.40, 7th Monique Lewis (STP) 10.30, 8th Hope John (CAR) 9,69

High jump: 1st Kiarra Charles (TOB) 1.40, 2nd Melissa Boxhill (POS) 1.30, Aquila Danglad (SE) 1.25, 4th Abigail Noel (NE) 1.20

Long jump (nwi): 1st Jamila Lavia (POS) 4.16, 2nd Shaquana Olton (NE) 4.07, 3rd Mylee Moses (VIC) 3.82,, 4th Celine Hart (SGE) 3.80, foul Kiarra Charles (TOB), Shannon Parris (CAR), Priya Harrispersad (STP)


100m(-3.7): 1st Jalen Bristol (STP) 12.30, 2nd Renaldo McEachnie (POS) 12.31, 3rd Dionys Carrington (TOB) 12.38, 4th Sion James (CAR) 12.69, 5th Joshua Butler (VIC) 12.76, 6th Omari Lewis (NE) 13.06, 7th Kevon Roster (SE) 13.79

200m (+1.7): 1st Sion James (CAR) 24.11, 2nd Dionys Carrington (TOB) 24.66, 3rd Renaldo McEachnie (POS) 24.67, 4th Malachi Lam (STP) 25.55, 5th Kayon Sergeant (SGE) 25.94, 6th Jabari Lawrence (NE) 26.77, 7th Joshua Butler (VIC) 26.78, 8th Jeremiah Khillawaan (SE) 31.57

400m: 1st Jalen Bristol (STP) 53.79, 2nd Sion James (CAR) 55.49, 3rd Dionys Carrington (TOB) 56.95, 4th Jabari Lawrence (NE) 58.90, 5th Kayon Sergeant (SGE) 59.50, 6th Josiah McFee (POS) 1:02.87

Sprint Medley: 1st St. Patrick 1;46.73, 2nd Port of Spain 1:46.94, 3rd Tobago 1:54.59, 4th North East 1:58.43, 5th Victoria 1:59.28, dq Caroni

Shot put: 1st Dexter Noel (NE) 10.12, 2nd  Nicholas Charles (STP) 9.86, 3rd Kevon Roster (SE) 9.75, 4th Trevon Bonas (TOB) 9.27, 5th  Chris Guy (POS) 9.14, 6th Amit Ramlal (CAR) 8.98, 8th Kyle Rennie (VIC) 8.36

Discus: 1st Bazil Lovell (TOB) 28.17, 2nd Joshua Mendoza (POS) 25.76, 3rd Nick Guy (NE) 24.40, 4th Leon Lee (STP) 24.06, 5th Christopher Brereton (SE) 22.68, 6th Ryan Soogrim (CAR) 20.63, 7th Lee Sean Arthur (VIC) 19.97

Javelin: 1st Kareem Peters (TOB) 33.39, 2nd Ryan Soogrim (CAR) 33.37, 3rd Kevon Roster (SE) 33.29, 4th Nyron Quildon (SGE) 30.48, 5th Malik Lewis (STP) 27.08, 6th Dexter Noel (NE)  25.65, 7th Luke Lopez (POS) 24.06, 8th Tyshawn Anthony (VIC) 18.56

High jump: 1st Edward White (NE) 1.62, 2nd Isaiah Brathwaite (TOB) 1.55, 3rd Joshua Mendoza (POS) 1.55, 4th Che-Val Samlal (VIC) 1.20

Long jump: 1st Malachi Lam (STP) 5.36/+2.4, 2nd Naiam Bowen (TOB) 5.26/+2.4, 3rd Chris Guy (POS) 5.07/+1.8, 4th Brandon St. Clair (CAR) 5.01, 5th Joshua Butler (VIC) 4.84/+2.2, 6th Tyrese James (NE) 4.71/+2.5



1500m: 1st Zakiya Williams (POS) 5:51.57, 2nd Ariel Villariel (TOB) 6:03.14, 3rd Ashakie Hagley (SGE) 6:32.22, 4th Aliya Arneaud (CAR) 6:27.76, 5th Lakeefa Houlder (VIC) 6:35.15, dnf Isha Matthews (STP)

1500m Walk: 1st Chequanna Clovis (SGE) 9:57.56, 2nd Shaheba Thomas (POS) 10:09.79, 3rd Abby Suraj (VIC) 10:13.74, 4th Carla James (TOB) 10:27.66, 5th Flora Lennard (CAR) 13:04.40, 6th Shieng Eccles (SE) 13:56.69


1500m:1st Jonathan Shears (NE)  5:00.54, 2nd Keon Thomas (POS) 5:01.84, 3rd  Isaiah Brathwaite (TOB) 5:23.88, 4th Andrew Baptiste (Victoria)  5:43.06, dq Jamie Fowler (CAR)

1500m Walk: 1st Christopher Brereton (SE) 9:45.77, 2nd Joshua Forbes (VIC) 9:45.79, 3rd Daniel Lendore (STP) 9:45.85, 4th Brian Thomas (NE0 9:47.65, 5th Michael Brown (SGE) 9:56.35, 6th David Floyd (CAR) 10:12.38

TEAM SCORES: 1st Port of Spain 423, 2nd Tobago 342, 3rd Victoria 320.50, 4th North East 272, 5th Caroni 253, 6th St.Patrick 244.5, 7th St. George East 210, 8th South East 197

MEDAL TABLE: 1st POS 38 (17, 13, 8), 2nd TOB 30 (12, 11, 7), 3rd South East 17 (7, 0, 6), 4th Caroni 20 (6, 8, 6), 5th North East 18 (5, 6, 7), 6th St. Patrick 17 (5, 5, 7), 7th St. George East 14 (3, 6, 5), 8th Victoria 21 (2, 8 ,11)

Vitrix Ludorium: 1st Caliyah Wallace (POS) 30, 2nd Janae De Gannes (TOB) 28, 3rd Melissa Boxhill (POS) 26

Victor Ludorium: 1st Ethan Forde (POS) 30, 2nd Sion James (CAR) 23, 3rd Jalen Bristol (STP)/Dionys Carrington (TGO)/Jaydon Bartholomew (TOB)/Kevon McKenna (CAR) 20

Age Group placing

Under 9

Boys: 1st Jaylon Bartholomew (CAR) 20, 2nd Immani Matthews (NE) 15, 3rd Tyrick Forbes (TOB) 12

Girls: 1st Janae De Gannes (TOB) 28, 2nd Janika Jordan (POS) 16, Sierra Joseph (VIC) 12

Under 11

Girls: 1st Vanessa Stephen (SGE) 20, 2nd Xea Bruce (NE) 18, 3rd Tenika Edwards (TOB) 13

Boys: 1st Kevon Mc Kenna (TOB) 20, 2nd Jarvon Westfield (POS) 18, 3rd Aaron Antoine (CAR) 14

Under 13

Girls: 1st Caliyah Wallace (POS) 30, 2nd Twanna Homeward (NE) 14, 3rd Gabriella Walters (VIC) 12

Boys: 1st Ethan Forde (POS) 30, 2nd Marcus  Alleyne (SE)/Justin Guy (TOB)/Kegel Chance (TOB) 10,


Girls: 1st Melissa Boxhlll (POS) 26, 2nd Aaliyah Adams (CAR) 24, 3rd Christine Alexander (STP) 17

Boys: 1st Sion James (CAR) 23, 2nd Dionys Carrington (TOB)/Jalen Bristol (STP) 20


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