By Anthony Foster in Pointe-à-Pitre, Guadeloupe‎

Organizers here for the 10th anniversary of the International Meeting in Guadeloupe are expecting a great meet on Saturday, May 10. Start lists for the event – Female Star List and Male Start List

The meet director, Julien Dellan welcomed the athletes at a press conference today.

Dellan is expecting a good meet.

 Philippe Gatibelza, President of the Regional Ligue of Guadeloupe, also welcomed the athletes.

“Thanks to everyone for being here and I know tomorrow you will be able to put on a show, he said.

Alain Spira, Technical Director of the Meeting, who was also at the press conference said “the track is an improved one and all the things around the meeting is going in a good way.”

And Alix Nabajoth, President of the Sport Commission of Guadeloupe, says despite not having Usain Bolt the  meet is blessed with good athletes.

Several Caribbean athletes will compete at the meet including Jamaicans Shericka Williams, Mario Forsythe, Andrea Bliss, Nicholas Gordon, Christine Day and Schillonie Calvert along with Kinecke Alexander (Vin), Chris Brown (Bah), Lalonde Gordon (TRI), Tabarie Henry (ISV), Ramon Miller (Bah), Demetrious Pinder (Bah), Antoine Adams (SKN),  Bianca Stuart (Bah), Lavern Spencer (LCA) and  Mikel Thomas (Tri).

The meet will also have Dawn Harper Nelson (USA), Chaunte Lowe (USA), Dexter Faulk (USA), Monica Hardgrove (USA), and Martin Rooney (Gbr).


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