Many persons who witnessed the 2013 edition of the Annual Boys & Girls championships a.k.a ‘Champs’ believe it should rank as one of, if not the best championships ever. 

Over 30 records were broken and in my humble opinion, it was the best. The early season form of the current crop of athletes have fuelled expectations that the 2014 staging of this championship will rival last year’s performances in every way and again surprise many persons. The upcoming stars discovered last year should return, barring injury, and some aspiring but relatively unknown athletes will become household names before the championships is over.

This level of excitement and unpredictability is what makes the championships such an enthralling spectacle over the years, while attracting many college recruits, Journalists, Jamaicans in the diaspora and world-renowned NBC track & field broadcaster/analyst Ato Boldon to visit the five-day meet on a regularly basis.

We will be featuring a six part series on the boys starting on March 18, 2014, where the traditional high schools such as Calabar, Kingston College (K.C.), Jamaica College (J.C.) and St. Jago High will again engage in a fierce battle for the top prize. Munro College, St. Elizabeth Technical High, Petersfield High School and Wolmer’s Boys should be aiming to be in the top ten.


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