Elaine Thompson explains #Doha2019 100m performance
Elaine Thompson explains #Doha2019 100m performance

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DOHA, Qatar – Elaine Thompson has pulled out of the women’s 200m set for later tonight (1 Oct) at the 17th IAAF World Championships Doha 2019.

Thompson, according to information reaching Trackalerts.com, pulled out because of Achilles tendon problem.

MVP, Thompson’s club, in a twitter post only said: “The health and welfare of our athletes are among the primary considerations in determining whether or not they compete. Long term view.”

After the 100m final, Thompson, who finished 4th in 10.93s, said: “I felt great during the warm-up, but when I went out there, the body wasn’t firing.”

Asked about the problem she had with her Achilles tendon over the years, Thompson was quick to say she won’t blame her fourth-place finish on that.

“It was acting up before I came here, but I didn’t put it on my brain.

“I have days when I come to the track I can dearly sprint. Pushing off the track is very painful for me, and I think the last three days it was really tender pushing off the track,” she explained then.

On Monday, after the 200m first round, Thompson said: “I am confident, even though last night I was disappointed.”

Asked about the first-round performance, she said: “A little bit tired from last night. I left the doping control at 3:30 am, so I didn’t get much sleep.

“I just used the round to get to the semi-finals and then take it from there,” she said.

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  1. Mr steven francis or whatever your name is your the cause of all this the jamaican team was talented you had replacement for her spot and you take no consideration on the fact of that when you well off know that elaine is not in the shape much less to think she could compete to hell with francis

  2. I know she wasn’t herself when she ran the 100, her “signature” top end speed never kicked in so I know something was not right, wheel and come again fast-lane, you’re still a champion..


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