LSU Invitational 2023: Brianna Lyston and Jamaican Athletes Prepare to Compete
Brianna Lyston

Brianna Lyston, the fastest Jamaican this season and a strong contender for a place on her country’s sprint squad at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, has called an end to her season.

Lyston, who ran a wind-aided 10.89 seconds to take the runners-up spot at last weekend’s NCAA Outdoor Championships, made it clear on her social media page that her 2024 season is over.

“Thank you 2024, breezy signing out,” she wrote on her page.

However, efforts to reach her LSU coach, Dennis Shaver, were unsuccessful.

Lyston’s personal best of 10.91 is the best time by a Jamaican this season. She achieved the mark at the SEC Championships in Gainesville, Florida, in May. Six of her eight 100m races this year were below 11 seconds, though three were wind-aided. Her slowest time this season is 11.09.

In the 200m, Lyston had nine races with four sub-22.5 finishes. She had a fantastic year, especially in her newfound love, the 100m. She described this year as “phenomenal” but admitted there were “not much to complain about with all the niggles and things.”

Asked by Real Talk with Tee if she is loving the 100m now, she replied, “Loving it…I used to not like it at all, because it’s so technical, but I think I am getting it together.”

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