Edwin Moses Classic - Chrisann Gordon wins at Jamaica trials
Chrisann Gordon wins at LSU Alumni Gold

The PUMA ATL is set to host the first exclusively professional track meet on an HBCU campus, taking place at Morehouse College on the Edwin Moses Track in Atlanta, GA. The start lists for the Edwin Moses Classic have been announced, featuring a range of events for both men and women, including sprints, hurdles, middle-distance races, and jumps.

This historic event marks a significant milestone in track and field, bringing together top athletes for a thrilling day of competition. Also, Exciting Lineup Announced for Edwin Moses Classic in Atlanta


  • Women: 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, 1500m, 100mH, 400mH, High Jump, Long Jump
  • Men: 100m, 400m, 800m, 1500m, 110mH, 400mH, Long Jump

Join us on Friday, May 31, for this exciting showcase of athletic talent at the Edwin Moses Classic. Watch the Edwin Moses Classic Live Stream on TrackalertsTv YouTube Channel

Men’s Long Jump:

  1. Kyle Garland (USA); 2. Steffin McCarter (USA); 3. Will Williams (USA); 4. James Carter (USA); 5. Damarcus Simpson (USA); 6. Cameron Crump (USA); 7. Isaac Grimes (USA).

Women’s 800m:

  1. Kate Mitchell (USA); 2. Charlene Lipsey (USA); 3. Skylyn Webb (USA); 4. Aurora Rynda (CAN); 5. Kendra Coleman (USA); 6. Sadi Henderson (USA); 7. Presley Weems (USA); 8. Ajee Wilson (USA); 9. Kate Grace (USA); 10. Chrisann Gordon-Powell (JAM); 11. Olivia Baker (USA); 12. Hannah Seagrave (GBR); 13. Sahfiqua Maloney (VIN); 14. Jada Griffin (USA).

Men’s 800m:

  1. Shane Streich (USA); 2. Sam Ellis (USA); 3. Navasky Anderson (JAM); 4. Abe Alvarado (USA); 5. Will Sumner (USA); 6. Alex Amankwah (GHA); 7. Josh Hoey (USA); 8. Peter Bol (AUS); 9. Luciano Fiore (USA); 10. Quamel Prince (GUY); 11. Tonatiu Lopez (MEX).

Women’s Long Jump:

  1. Sydney Conley (USA); 2. Tyra Gittens (TTO); 3. Chantel Malone (IVB); 4. Tiffany Flynn (USA); 5. Sha’keela Saunders (USA); 6. Chanice Porter (JAM).

Women’s 100m Hurdles:

  1. Paola Vazquez (PUR); 2. Michelle Atherley (USA); 3. Masai Russell (USA); 4. Amber Hughes (USA); 5. Keni Harrison (USA); 6. Christina Clemons (USA); 7. Demisha Roswell (JAM); 8. Paula Salmon (JAM).
    Section 2 of 2:
  2. Fabiana Dos Santos Moraes (Unattached); 2. Anna Hall (USA); 3. Andrea Vargas (CRC); 4. Lin Yuwei (CHN); 5. Kaylah Robinson (USA); 6. Destinee Rocker (USA); 7. Gabi Cunningham (USA).

Men’s 110m Hurdles:

  1. Kyle Garland (USA); 2. Rasheem Brown (CAY); 3. Cameron Murray (USA); 4. Dylan Beard (USA); 5. Eric Edwards (USA); 6. Louis Rollins (USA); 7. Lafranz Campbell (JAM); 8. Myles Hunter (USA).

Men’s 100m:

  1. Jelani Walker (JAM); 2. Duan Asemota (CAN); 3. Matthew Boling (USA); 4. Pjai Austin (USA); 5. Rikkoi Brathwaite (IVB); 6. Ronnie Baker (USA); 7. Cejhae Greene (ANT); 8. Elijah Hall (USA).

Women’s 100m:

  1. Maia McCoy (LBR); 2. English Gardner (USA); 3. Celera Barnes (USA); 4. Audrey Leduc (CAN); 5. Favour Ofili (NGR); 6. Tamara Clark (USA); 7. Morolake Akinosun (USA); 8. Javienne Oliver (USA).

Women’s 400m:

  1. Chloe Abbott (USA); 2. Courtney Okolo (USA); 3. Paola Moran (MEX); 4. Talitha Diggs (USA); 5. Salwa Eid Naser (BRN); 6. Bailey Lear (USA); 7. Quenera Hayes (USA); 8. Kendall Ellis (USA).

Women’s High Jump:

  1. Mercedes Francis (USA); 2. Anna Hall (USA); 3. Jelena Rowe (USA); 4. Zarriea Willis (USA); 5. Sanaa Barnes (USA); 6. Jamari Drake (USA); 7. Kimberly Williamson (JAM); 8. Vashti Cunningham (USA).

Men’s 400m:

  1. Kasaun James (USA); 2. Dubem Nwachukwu (NGR); 3. Wil London (USA); 4. Brian Faust (USA); 5. Christopher Bailey (USA); 6. Alonzo Russell (BAH); 7. Jacory Patterson (USA); 8. Jonathon Jones (BAR).

Men’s 1500m:

  1. Nick Dahl (USA); 2. AJ Ernst (USA); 3. Jack Salisbury (USA); 4. Casey Comber (USA); 5. Jaxson Hoey (USA); 6. Josh Thompson (USA); 7. Amos Bartelsmeyer (GER); 8. Amon Kemboi (KEN); 9. John Reniewicki (USA); 10. Aidan Ryan (USA); 11. Sam Prakel (USA); 12. Kasey Knevelbaard (USA); 13. John Gregorek (USA); 14. Kieran Tuntivate (THA); 15. Rob Heppenstall (CAN).

Women’s 1500m:

  1. Stephanie Brokaw (USA); 2. Molly Sughroue (USA); 3. Dani Aragon (USA); 4. Laurie Barton (USA); 5. Izzy Thornton-Bott (AUS); 6. Ellie Leather (GBR); 7. Addy Wiley (USA); 8. Dorcus Ewoi (KEN); 9. Lucia Stafford (CAN); 10. Micaela Degenero (USA); 11. Carina Viljoen (RUS); 12. Angel Piccirillo (USA); 13. Heather MaClean (USA); 14. Joselyn Brea (VEN); 15. Kate Grace (USA).

Women’s 200m:

  1. Halle Hazzard (GRN); 2. Samantha Gonzalez (COL); 3. Camille Rutherford (BAH); 4. NaAsha Robinson (USA); 5. Tamari Davis (USA); 6. Audrey Leduc (CAN); 7. Kennedy Flannel (USA); 8. Printassia Johnson (BAH).

Men’s 200m:

  1. Michael Ohioze (GBR); 2. Elijah Morrow (USA); 3. Elijah Hall (USA); 4. Christian Miller (USA); 5. Matthew Boling (USA); 6. Terrance Laird (USA); 7. Jeremiah Curry (USA); 8. David Dunlap (USA).

Men’s 400m Hurdles:

  1. Rilwan Alowonie (NGR); 2. Jacques Guillaume (USA); 3. Malik Metivier (CAN); 4. James Smith (USA); 5. Aldrich Bailey (USA); 6. Khallifah Rosser (USA); 7. Corey Poole (USA); 8. Shakeem Smith (BAH).

Women’s 400m Hurdles:

  1. Maya Aviever (ISR); 2. Ashley Spencer (USA); 3. Sage Walker (CAN); 4. Daniella Rojas (CRC); 5. Grace Claxton (PUR); 6. Sydney McLaughlin (USA); 7. Michelle Smith (IVB); 8. Alanah Yukich (AUS).
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