Rio DreamUsain Bolt says video replay and his coach’s opinion of his opening round 200m at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, will help him better to make an assessment.

Bolt cruised comfortably to take heat 9 in 20.28.

” I didn’t really run that hard so I can’t really say I felt like it was ok,” he explained. “I don’t know; I have to ask the coach or watch the race over, but I felt like it was ok so.”

The semi-finals and final will come up over the next two days, and with the first round out of the way, he further explained “I’m feeling ok, a little bit tired but it was expected it’s the morning session, and I’m not a really morning person, so I just came out here to qualify and that’s what I did.”

Bolt who has only run two 200m races so far this season, including today’s, will aim at his 19.19 world record in the final.

When asked about this, he simply replied, “yea I know how to run a 200m, so it’s just to remind myself and tomorrow I will show much better progress, cause I have to run faster.”

When asked how he manages the overwhelming joy from winning the 100m and getting back in the mind frame for business, he spoke on his experience.

“For me, it’s easy you know cause I have been doing this for years, so I have to learn to just celebrate on the night and just be happy and get all your congrats and then after you focus again the next day to go again, so for me, it was easy.”


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