By Vijay, TrackAlerts.Com writer 

The city of Tottori in Japan hosted a reception to welcome Team Jamaica on Sunday, August 9. 

Jamaica will stage a 10-day camp in Tottori, a prefecture of Japan located in the Ch?goku region.

At the welcome reception, the Jamaican athletes danced and who couldn’t, rocked to a sound system with Japanese DJ's.

At one point, the music being played, dominated by Reggae and Dancehall, was so nice, Asafa Powell shouted “pull up, pull up” to which the DJ asked, “weh di money deh” suggesting it costs for a pull-up.

Another of the highlights was Natoya Goule teaching Tottori Governor Shinji Hirai how to dance to reggae music.

Powell was also the hottest thing on the dance floor. 

Some of the songs, which kept the Jamaicans dancing, were Buju Banton's “Who feels it knows” and “Walk like a champion”.

 Also, Shabba Ranks “Mi no nurse, mi no pet, mi no powder” and Chroixx “Aint No Giving In” got tremendous support from the audience. 

The DJ also hailed the Jamaican music, culture and people.

One of the DJs said there is something between Jamaicans and Japanese, adding, “we love reggae music”

The athletes also got to rock to a few Japanese songs and some were even taught to use the chopstick.

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